Are you an “eye roller” when you see MLM posts on Social Media???



Do you think lower of those in Network Marketing?   If so, ask yourself… WHY?

How would you feel if your friends and family constantly attacked you or put you down about your chosen job?  Refused to support you or refer you on to friends in the job that pays your bills and puts a roof over your head?  The job that feeds your children?

You wouldn’t feel great about it, right?

Maybe you would feel better if the people working in Network Marketing “Got a real job” that meant leaving their kids at home and doing a job working to make someone else rich.

Maybe you would prefer they sat at home and did nothing?  Claiming benefits from the “real job” tax payers?  (By the way, Network Marketers pay taxes too)

Maybe you think we shouldn’t post so much, maybe it annoys you to see people succeeding and wanting more?  That we shouldn’t do our best to make our dreams come true?  I don’t think you really think that!!!  In fact, I know you don’t when you’re honest with yourself!

If you’re in Network Marketing or MLM, you’re here because YOU SEE A DIFFERENT WAY!  A better FUTURE!  A way to build your dreams!  I KNOW I DO!!!

HOW MANY OF YOU THINK THAT’S ADMIRABLE?  If you do, then this season, instead of scrolling past the posts about makeup, candles, wraps, jewelry, or anything else, while rolling your eyes, ask yourself if you’re willing to help make someone else’s dreams come true!  Help someone ACHIEVE!  Because that’s what it comes down to!

A few years ago the campaign to support small businesses was huge!  How about a campaign to support dream chasers, help some parents give children something they really need or want, or make a lifelong dream a reality?  I know most of my friends and I know most of you are GOOD PEOPLE!

So while you’re searching for the perfect gift for someone or something special for yourself, consider some of these posts!  Many offer life-changing or lifestyle-improving products that could make a huge difference to you or their recipient!  Many of us offer stuff you would probably buy from an online retailer at a higher price.  (But you can only get IT WORKS products from someone like me, not in a store)

Be savvy and help those helping themselves & support those wanting to make a difference!  It goes a very long way!


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