Why I Believe in Network Marketing (If you’re willing to WORK!)


Here’s the thing: People said no.  People laughed.  People talked behind my back.  People unfollowed and unfriended me on social media.  People said yes only to block me days later.  People quit.  People drifted.

But you know what?  I never gave up.  And I NEVER will give up.  Because a lot of people are saying “YES.”  A lot of people have cheered on my success and sent me referrals and met me to buy wraps or get wrapped by me.  A lot of people tell me that my story inspires them to pursue their dreams and find their passions and to keep dreaming bigger for themselves.

Y’all have no idea what my life was like just seven years ago.  I could only dream of the life I have now.  I was so far away from the place I am not that I almost can’t believe it myself.  When I started network marketing last year I had dreams and hope, but I don’t think even I realized how it would change my life.  I will NEVER regret the decision to join It Works and become a distributor.

I’ve had people ask me if It Works is some sort of “pyramid scheme…”  My response is, “OHHH… You mean like how you report to a manager who reports to a CEO who reports to the Board of Directors?  Pretty much 99% of jobs today?  Because that sounds to me more like a pyramid…  Lots of people working for as little pay as their bosses can possibly give them, while the few at the top get rich!”  (Pyramids are illegal, by the way)

Want to know something super cool?  When you do the work, you get a paycheck with It Works.  Doesn’t matter who is above you.  It matters how much YOU & YOUR TEAM put into your businesses.

Did you know you can pass your enroller within It Works?  You can pass multiple uplines within It Works…  So, a pyramid scheme?  No.  More like BRILLIANT! You can decide how much money you can make and never have to REPORT to anyone.  You aren’t stuck at one rank forever.  You can change your title/rank at any time.

Think about your current job.  Who do you report to?  If there is someone above you right now, that you probably won’t promote past anytime soon, I could call YOUR job a pyramid, lol!

So let me tell you this, because so many network marketing companies are what people call “saturated” or their are so many reps or distributors that it’s hard for a new person to be successful.  I did some research you all might be interested in.  We (It Works) is not a saturated company.  Here’s why:

Let’s pretend that people are seconds.  As in measurements of time, because time is pretty well understood.  There are about 200,000 Distributors in this company.  If we convert those to seconds, do you know that 200,000 seconds is little more than 2 days?  Seems like a lot, right?

Let’s put this into perspective.  An example would be 1 million seconds (or 1 million people of the world), and that’s about 11.5 days.  Give or take some.  Now there are 7 billion people in the world (think 7 billion seconds).  But let’s just say 1 billion for perspective purposes.  1 billion seconds is equal to 31.69 YEARS.  That’s 221.83 years for 7 billion seconds.  Did you just say holy crap?  Because I definitely did.  That means that It Works Distributors BARELY make up a small fraction of the world’s population.  Barely, lol.


But here’s the real thing, the tough love…  This is NOT for the LAZY!!!  People who say network marketing is a scam or doesn’t work, usually say it because they were with a company without a great compensation plan, or the company was saturated, or they just didn’t have support and training, and really just didn’t know what to do, or they started and expected to make a fortune in a month…. OR they just didn’t put the WORK into it.  You don’t do network marketing off and on, you don’t do it inconsistently, and you don’t just announce you are a Rep/Distributor and then people just come beat down your door.   It doesn’t work that way.  You put hours into it, you do it EVERY day, you put sweat and tears into it.  You can’t be worried about what your friends or family will think about you.  You have to be prepared for people to make fun of you or just sit back and wait for you to fail.

Yes, it takes time and lots of hard work.  But it is so totally worth it.  Do you realize that time is going to pass anyway?  That if you were to give up because “it’s too hard” you’re literally throwing away something that has the potential to make you a millionaire in 10 years.  What is the rush?  Honestly, if you could make just $300 a month steadily with this business, wouldn’t that be worth it?  What if it took you 2 years to make and extra $600-$1200 a month?  That’s still more than you have right now!  You can let that time pass doing nothing, and be where you are right now, or you could invest in yourself and your own business, and start an adventure that will take you places you can only dream about right now.





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