A little Tuesday evening musing…

I’ve been on Facebook for a little while tonight. I use social media a lot to boost my business, and I honestly enjoy connecting with people. I literally have friends all over the world.

But there’s something I have noticed this evening… So many people are sad, depressed, or feel as if they really don’t matter. They may not come right out and say it, but it is there, lurking beneath the memes they post, the things they almost say, or the sadness in their eyes showing in the latest selfie they just posted. I can see it in the sarcastic pictures/memes they share, which show a dissatisfaction with life in general, and and in the overall posts they make.

I really try to post positive things on my Facebook page. I enjoy the cute and funny memes, and I like to think that when someone sees something I post, they can see the genuineness of it. I love life, and I think it can be more than an unending cycle of sadness, bitterness or anger. Don’t get me wrong, I was once that girl. I was once the girl who could not see the light, or the joy, or understand those truly happy people. I’ve been there. But what I learned is joy is a condition of the heart that cannot be changed by exterior circumstances, while happiness often depends on what’s going on around you or who is around you.

Well, I really just wanted to say one thing. Show kindness. It does not cost you anything and you gain so much. Make eye contact. Smile at someone. Say “hi” or “hey, I think your skin is so pretty” or even “wow, you have a great smile.” You may be the only kindness that person gets today. It could really make a difference in their life. Really, what do you have to lose? Do you think people will think you’re weird? So what? People probably already do, haha. Personally, I want to stand out.

When I see an old person sitting around on the benches at Walmart, for example, I make it a point to speak to them. Old people are awesome, and sadly, they tend to be invisible in our society. That is a true shame. Some of the coolest people I know are over 70. My aunt Minnie is 84 and she is an absolute hoot. I consider it a privilege to know her. It makes my day to visit her, and some people may think I’m doing a good deed to visit her in the nursing home, but the truth is, she is making MY day.

Well, that’s my random musing for today. I hope it has made you think.

By the way, this is my Aunt Minnie. Doesn’t she have a beautiful smile?



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