A Saturday morning on the mountain…

Good morning… Well, mid-morning anyway.  I’d love to say that here on the mountain we get up with the sun and GET THINGS DONE. *snort*  There probably are some of the older residents that do, but I can’t think of any.  My husband is down at the neighbor’s house, helping fix my sister’s lawnmower. That is a typical weekend day for him. There are lots of older neighbors he helps, and then there is my mom’s house and my sister’s house, both only about a quarter mile from our house. He often jokes and says he goes back to work on Mondays to get some rest.  I can only smile knowing that he is going to retire in a couple of years and be on call constantly. Before we bought this house, we used to have to drive past everyone else’s house before we got home.  He used to say he wished he could make our car tiptoe past all the houses before ours.

But that is how we are up here on the mountain.  If someones needs help with something, you go help them.  It is a totally different world than the city where I used to live. I have been here about 6 years, and it still amazes me. There’s a lot to be said for small town living.

Anyway, all that being said, while he is at the neighbor’s, working hard, I am supposed to be cleaning the windows in the new house.  (I’m really sitting at my laptop writing this blog entry… Hey, I got ONE window done!)  There are a lot of little things to be done in a new house, and the deep cleaning falls on me.  That’s our arrangement: he handles the maintenance and outdoor work, and I do the cleaning, cooking and indoor things.  Hey, that works out great for us both.  I’m a stay at home wife, and I love it, and he works hard so I can be one.  I am very grateful to him for that. He enjoys coming home to a clean house and a hot supper, and I enjoy the hours during the day all to myself.

I used to worry that when he retires in two years that we would get on each other’s nerves spending so much time around each other, but I don’t worry about that any longer. He will always have plenty of things to do with our house, Mom’s house, sister’s house, a couple of elderly neighbor’s homes, and by then he will have a new work shop, an ATV, and a tractor to play with on my sister’s property (she has 12 acres to mess around on).  And all I have to do is mention that I have been thinking about moving the furniture around, and it’s like he waits for me to turn my back, and he will literally sneak out of the house.  *laugh*  I know how to get him out from under foot. He also knows the trigger phrase “Honey, I’ve been thinking…” that means there is work involved some way for him.

So, there you go. Just a slow Saturday morning, and it’s going to be a peaceful day.

BTW, I want to thank all of you for the likes on my Blog, even though it’s new and still a work in progress. I am still figuring out the WordPress setup, and my site may still look “unfinished” until I can get the customization the way I want it. Have a great day guys, and we’ll talk again.IMG_0006


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