“I didn’t get rich in a month…. I KNEW it was a scam!”

So, I’ve seen a lot of negativity about home-based businesses lately, specifically network marketing, sometimes called multilevel marketing.  It’s a little frustrating, and also irks me a little.  Kind of like seeing someone bashing a friend or just bad-mouthing something in general that they really don’t know anything about.  They heard about someone who had a bad experience, or tried it and it didn’t work for them, or just heard the negative talk and ran with it.  I see the phrase “pyramid scheme” being tossed around a lot.  (Those are illegal in the US, by the way)  Face it, sometimes people are just angry and need an outlet. 
But I also see A LOT of my friends posting about their businesses, and they are passionate about what they are doing, love the products and the business, and are dreaming of something better for themselves and their families.  It makes me so proud to see them taking that scary leap of faith and GOING FOR IT!  It takes a lot of courage to go against what society considers “normal”.
Yes, unfortunately, some of those businesses are not geared to help you be successful, and some are not legitimate.  But most ARE legitimate companies who have chosen to promote and sell their product in a non-traditional way.  In this way, the company can offer the product to the public without spending millions or even billions of dollars in marketing and ads, instead passing those profits on to their distributors/representatives.  It’s quite genius, if you would think about it.
Instead of listening to the opinions of someone who has had a bad experience, which can happen in ANY business or job, why not do some research?  And yes, you can find just as many biased articles on the web about ANY topic you choose to research.  My advice is to look for legitimate sources who will fairly list the pros and cons of whatever you are looking into.  
I have personally tried a few different network marketing companies, and to be quite honest, never had much success….  which is as much my fault as anything.  Network marketing, working from home, being an entrepreneur, whatever you want to call it, takes WORK.  Which a lot of people just aren’t willing to put in.  Being honest, most jump in thinking they will be rich and be able to quit their job in weeks or months.  It doesn’t happen that way.  It IS POSSIBLE to make amazing amounts of money with some of these companies, even quit your job and work from home for the rest of your life… IF you choose the right company, and IF you put the work into it.
Now, that all being said, I have recently joined the ranks of a company called IT WORKS GLOBAL.   Since being part of this amazing, faith-based company, I have seen so many people get out of debt, save their homes from foreclosure, or even fulfill a more modest dream, like being able to pay their utility bills and put food on the table.  I have also seen broke college students go from having to borrow money from their parents for gas, to making more than $10,000 a MONTH.  And yes, I know this person; she graduated high school with my niece and we talk on a regular basis.  These are REAL PEOPLE with real success stories that will make you literally cry when they tell them.
I mean, you COULD work the rest of your life for a company that pays you what they think you are worth, instead of what you think you are worth, or being paid the same no matter how hard you work, knowing you will NEVER rise much higher in the company, and certainly not to the same level as the top income earners in that company…  And you could keep taking financial advice from your broke cousin or your in-over-their-head-in-debt uncle…
Or, you could open your mind to a new way, a different way, and maybe take a leap of faith.  Are you afraid of what your friends and family will say about you?  Are they paying your bills?  Do they give you gas or grocery money when you need it?  Don’t let fear or ignorance control you… There is more, there is something better.
No, network marketing isn’t for everyone.  It takes a special kind of person to see the vision, to be able to ignore the diatribe and being-made-fun-of, to want to put in the WORK it takes.
I would personally rather support a friend or a family member in their business, and buy a product or a service from them, as opposed to going to a big store or company that I know doesn’t really care about me in the long run.  When you shop with a friend, you get personal service, one-on-one attention, and knowing you are getting a superior product or service and at the same time supporting someone’s dream.  You are helping a single parent put food on the table, or buy a gift for their child.  You are helping a family stay home together instead of hardly ever seeing each other.  You may be helping someone save for a new car or put their child in band camp.  You might even be helping someone save their home or car from foreclosure/repossession.
I found an article that I felt was fairly written and very informative.  I hope you’ll take a look at it and keep an open mind.  And maybe the next time you need to buy more makeup, or want some scented candles for your home, or are looking for that perfect gift for someone, you’ll remember that friend who posted about their business on Facebook or Instagram, and give them a call.

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