Today’s Spotlight: “WOW-Wipe Out Wrinkles”

Okay, I know this is a cheesy picture, but I kind of like it.  I was playing with an app on my phone and this is what I ended up with.

IMG_0102 (Edited)

But you get the idea; today’s product spotlight is a product from IT WORKS GLOBAL, called WOW, which stands for Wipe Out Wrinkles, but also, in a pun-y kind of way, for what you will say after you use it.  It starts to work in about 45 seconds, and does just what it says- wipes out, or fades away, wrinkles.  You can literally watch them fade.  It’s very cool if you do it on one side of your face and not the other, for comparison’s sake.

The product’s results, if used only once, will fade, but over time, with continued use, the results become long-term and lasting.  Some of the things it will do:

  • Instantly reduces appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and creases.  (With me, it also helps shrink my large pores so my makeup looks better)
  • Active peptides and proteins boost skin’s firmness and elasticity. (what are peptides, anyway?)
  • Rehydrates skin giving a smooth plumped appearance.
  • Reduces appearance of under-eye puffiness for a brighter looking you. (I am telling you what the site says about it!)
  • Pair with Lip & Eye cream for the ultimate results

Now, when I have used it on myself and other people, I have had the best results if I use moisturizer first, wait about 5 or 10 minutes, and then put the WOW on.  Then wait a few more minutes and put my makeup on.  It only takes a small amount; too much and it can leave a chalky residue.  Seriously, in under 2 minutes you will see results.




You can use this product anywhere on your face that you want to- forehead wrinkles, neck, nose, pout lines, lines around the chin, and under eye area to combat fine lines and puffiness.


I thought this was a cool picture because she used it on half of her face for a comparison. Amazing, huh?

Here is a link to the product:  WOW

This is a link to the It Works Global Website:  It Works Global


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