What defines you?

I have a question for y’all….
Are you defined by your circumstances? No, seriously, think about that, really think about it.  Think about where you are in your life, and where you want to be.  Is what you are doing right now taking you from where you are to where you want to be?  When you look around, and you hate your job, and you can’t sleep because you are worried over money, or you just had a fight with your spouse because you spent money on something they thought was stupid when you really should have paid a bill or bought some groceries, is this where you pictured yourself being as a grownup?


You know what breaks my heart?  That I know some of you have been watching me for weeks, months, even YEARS, waiting for me to give up.  Waiting for me to quit.  And every month on the 15th, you see me share AGAIN about how I just got my It Works paycheck!  You see me talk about my It Works sisters getting multiple $100 bonuses every Friday from It Works!  You watch me pay bills, buy little appliances for my kitchen, go out to lunch, take road trips, so many things.  You watch me dream and plan and basically just live the life that you dream about too.  You’ve watched me start to pay off my debt.  And with every post you think about doing this with me.  And some of you WANT this life!  You WANT to believe you can be successful at this too!

But then you talk to your husband.  Your boyfriend.  Your best friend.  Your cousin.  Your mom.  Google.  Some random person on Facebook who you remember posted an It Works post once and then must have quit because you never saw them post about it again.  You ask them if they think you should do this.

And they all say no.  And you take that as some sort of “sign” that this isn’t for you.

I’ve had people join my team because they wanted something better, and then quit within a month.  Their reasons were not all the same, but in a way, they were.  Instead of letting their circumstances be their WHY, they let it be the EXCUSE.   Think of this:  there are women in this business that earn 6 figures a year.  Seriously, they make more money in a month than a lot of people do in a year.  But when they started with It Works, they didn’t have money for groceries, gas, maybe they were about to have their lights turned off, or couldn’t make their car payment.  They were busy, maybe going to college and working full time, maybe working two jobs and trying to take care of their kids.  They used those reasons as a WHY they wanted to be successful with this company, and they worked hard, put the time in, and now they are out of debt, paying cash for everything, and will never stress over money again.

Then there are the other people, who have the exact same things going on in their lives… busy, worrying over money.  They pay the exact same $99 to start as the people I just talked about.  But instead of letting their circumstances motivate them, they used it as an excuse as to why they couldn’t do this business.  “I’m too busy to do this.”  (You can literally do this for a half hour in the morning and a half hour at night.)  “My husband says I spend too much time on social media.”  (Well, if you are already on Facebook, why not be on and making money from it? He wouldn’t complain then.)  “I don’t get to spend enough time with my family because I work so much.”  (Well, if you worked this It Works business, you’d never have to punch a clock again and you could spend all the time you wanted to with your family.)

My point is this: those two types of people have exactly the same set of circumstances, and one group used that as a WHY to be successful and change their lives forever.  One group used their circumstances as an EXCUSE and gave up and are still on Facebook complaining about being broke and hating their job and their car broke down and they can’t afford to get a new one.

Which group do YOU fall into?

Let me be real with you here.  SO MANY PEOPLE told me I’d fail at this.  SO MANY!!!!  I’ve had people actually laugh in my face when I told them some of my dreams and plans about my It Works business.  When I tell them my husband will be able to quit his job soon.  When I tell them about buying myself a new car.  They actually laughed at me and said, “Whatever.”  Some of my family, friends, and random strangers who did this before and claimed they “didn’t make anything.”  But I saw one person making this work.  ONE. And that told me it was possible.  And I knew that as long as I was willing to do WHATEVER I had to, that’s where I would be too!

Stop giving other people power over your life.  This is YOUR journey.  YOUR story.  You and God are the ones in charge.  Not every other person on the planet or your best friend’s uncle’s cousin’s nephew’s cat’s sister that said it doesn’t work. (😂)  It’s not about what you’re CAPABLE of.  It’s about what you’re WILLING to do….  I’m not “good” at this.  I didn’t get lucky.  Please stop thinking that.  I worked VERY HARD to get to where I am. Where I didn’t have talent, I put in effort.  I made mistakes.  People have unfriended me, blocked me, and talked about me on Facebook.  But they aren’t paying my bills.

You CAN do this too.  You just have to be WILLING.  Willing to start.  Willing to TRY. Willing to rely on me as your mentor and coach, to teach you how to be successful.

I’ll be right here waiting on you.❤️



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